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"I wish I had more friends, but people are such jerks"

4 October 1987
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5.19.06, aang, acerbity, alliteration, appa, avatar: the last airbender, azula, being "gothic", being quirky, boys who don't suck, briticisms, cabbage guy, crack!, decorating things with sharpies, drinking hot tea, girls_who_don't_date_dicks, glasses, having fun with grammar, ignoring memories, inadvertently quoting relient k, iroh, katara, kyoshi, listening to thunderstorms, living without labels, mai, making milkshakes, making people laugh, making up stories, miyugi, momo, moving on, my job, my sister, nighttime, not having good dreams, people who read books, people who sell books, people who write books, power in numbers, pressing on, purple zebras, quick perusals, reimagined fairy tales, roku, scrawling in spiral notebooks, small doses of nostalgia, smiling_like_i_mean_it, sokka, speaking french, staring at the moon, studying languages, surrogate families, taking too much tylenol, talking at cats, telling lies, the blue spirit, the colour black, toph bei fong, turning friends into enemies, ty lee, walking through unfamiliar cemeteries, watching people, writing on my hands, zuko